Hi, I'm Jaesik(재식)! I am working to explore a variety of new opportunities to extend the generality of Artificial Ingelligence (AI) besides developing AI services.

I'm a senior machine learning developer in SAP, and collaborating with Sungjin Ahn at KAIST.  Before that, I worked in Samsung electronics and graduated from KAIST

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Contact: mail AT jaesikyoon.com

Highlighted Work

       J. Yoon, Yi-Fu Wu, H. Bae, S. Ahn



       C. Chen*, Yi-Fu Wu*, J. Yoon*, S. Ahn

       Deep RL NeurIPS 2021


       Yi-Fu Wu, J. Yoon, S. Ahn

       ICML 2021


       J. Yoon, G. Singh, S. Ahn

       ICML 2020 

       Paper  Code

      G. Singh*, J. Yoon*, Y. Son, S. Ahn

      NeurIPS 2019 (Spotlight, 2.4%)

      Paper  Code

      J. Yoon*, T. Kim*,  O. Dia, S. Kim, Y. Bengio, S. Ahn

      NeurIPS 2018 (Spotlight, 3.5%)

      Talk  Paper  Code

Please visit my Google Scholar page for more publications.